Essays on the space frontier

Space is the crucial frontier of our time. Whether we use the new millennium to establish self-supporting colonies out in space and on the Moon and Mars will be the definitive test of the fitness of our civilisation to survive and prosper.

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Energy page (2003)

Space Policy Statements (2010)

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New in 2010

  • Towards the Sociology of the Universe, a review of the Marxist critique of spaceflight offered by Peter Dickens and James Ormrod in their recent book Cosmic Society; review by Stephen Ashworth (added 1 December 2010)

  • Thumbs down for Avatar, a review of James Cameron’s blockbuster movie; review by Stephen Ashworth (added 16 February 2010)

  • The Cetaceans, an original movie synopsis, by Stephen Ashworth (added 16 February 2010)

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Stardust we are; to the stars we shall return.